Recently we received a request to help a 12 year old Wausau, Wisconsin boy who is in need of costly orthodontic treatment.  Andrew is a seventh-grader at a Wausau area middle school.  He wears a hearing aid, and has a medical condition requiring blood transfusions every five weeks.  Andrew has a severe overbite and misalignment of his teeth.  These conditions affect his speech, make eating a challenge, and bring unwanted stares and ridicule.  Something as simple as closing his mouth is difficult.

Despite these challenges, staff members at his school say that Andrew is a wonderful young man with a positive attitude.  Andrew’s father lost his job during the past year, and the family is unable to afford the required orthodontic treatment, which is not covered by insurance.

Remarkably, neither Andrew nor his family has asked for any help whatsoever.  Instead, staff members at Andrew’s school took it upon themselves to help him and approached Emily’s Path for assistance.

Your donation could help change this young man’s life forever.  Thank you so much for supporting Emily’s Path.  Emily would be very pleased to know of the good that is being done in her name.  With your help, Emily’s spirit will continue to touch the lives of other children.