Recently, Emily’s Path made a contribution to the family of William Weigel.  William and his twin sister were born in February, 2008.  They were healthy, active infants.  When he was just 10 months old, Will’s aunt found him in his crib, not breathing.  It was the morning after Christmas.  Will had gotten into a family member’s blood pressure medication.  Quick actions by his mom and aunt saved Will’s life, but he suffered permanent brain damage.

Will can no longer talk, walk, crawl, roll, or reach, although (as you can see from his picture) he still laughs and smiles!   Will has participated in conventional and alternative therapies, including  nutritional support, massage therapy, hydro therapy, cranial sacral therapy and energy work.  In addition, doctors have used Will’s own stem cells (extracted from his bone marrow) and injected them into his nervous system, in the hope that they will regenerate and replicate and turn into functioning brain cells.

Will’s family has seen much improvement. He is no longer having any seizures, and his constant vomiting has almost completely stopped. He smiles, reacts to sounds, toys, voices, and he is getting some movement back. He loves music, to be sung too, and movement. His therapies have been increased and his therapists describe it has if he is having a developmental explosion. Will is now curious about his environment and is participating in therapies.

Please join Emily’s Path in helping the Weigel family pay for Will’s alternative treatments.  You can also visit Will’s website to see his progress and purchase bracelets to help his family pay for his care.