A local middle school guidance counselor contacted Emily’s Path last week, requesting assistance for a 6th grade boy who has an inoperable brain tumor.  “Matthew” (not his real name) gets weekly chemo treatments to shrink the tumor.  Despite everything he is going through,  Matthew remains a very positive person, and, by all accounts, is a very sweet boy.  His mom lost her job, so the family is struggling to get by on his father’s income.

They have to make trips to Madison at least weekly for Matthew’s treatment.  The family has not asked for help, but the school guidance counselor saw a need and approached us for assistance.

Thanks to generous donations by Riiser Oil and its VP of Operations, Dave Frankhart, we will be providing $1,000 in gas cards to Matthew’s family to assist with their travel expenses, at a cost of only $125 to Emily’s Path.  In addition, we will be giving Matthew a Nintendo 3DS to provide some entertainment for him on his frequent trips to Madison, and a gift certificate to Pope’s Hobbyland, so that Matthew can buy some model car kits he’s had his eye on.  Please keep Matthew and his family in your thoughts and prayers.