If you’ve ever wondered where the money from our cookie and pizza fry sale goes, wonder no more.  This year we raised $1,752.00 from our sale.  In addition, we received a surprise $1,000.00 donation from a generous supporter with a request that it be used to buy Christmas presents for needy children.

So, we headed to the mall and picked 20 wish lists off of the Salvation Army’s “Angel Tree.”  We decided that wasn’t quite enough, and went back to get 4 more lists the next day.

Maddie Prohaska and Autumn Rick, both 9th graders at D.C. Everest Jr. High, volunteered to do the shopping.  We purchased $2,766.69 worth of clothing, boots, shoes, toys, books, sports equipment and household goods for 24 Wausau-area children, ages 5 weeks to 15 years, who otherwise might have received little or nothing for Christmas.  ALL. BECAUSE. OF. YOU.

What we found surprising were the number of wish lists requesting only necessities such as winter coats, hats, gloves and boots, or household items like sheets and blankets.  Despite the practical nature of some of the requests, we made sure that every child received at least one “fun” gift such as a game or a toy.

Thank you for your generous support of Emily’s Path.  Emily would be thrilled to see the joy of Christmas being shared with so many children.  Peace, and Merry Christmas.